Event Video Services

Spero Labs creates fresh concepts and dynamic video content that will give your event message the attention it deserves.

Powerful Visual Media

We work with productions of all sizes, and our expert team is ready to take on your needs. Spero Labs offers pre-event concept development, event recap films, and event livestreaming to take your visuals to the next level.


We produce high quality event recap films, designed to show off your event in it’s best light! With recap films, you’ll have the perfect asset to share on social media after your event, and a great promo film for the next year.


Viewers can interact with your brand in real-time on any device. Spero Labs provides livestreaming services for any size event. We handle productions from single camera setups, to large scale multi-camera productions. Our tools even allow us to rapidly reproduce recorded SD cards to give or sell to your attendees to take home with them. 


Video is an incredibly powerful tool to promote your messaging and grab the attention of potential attendees.  We'll develop and create a eye catching video that will help drive traffic to your sales pages. 


We help develop and produce video content for use during your event. We can create everything from testimonial videos, explainer films, to interactive presentations that helps your message make an impact.

We're ready to take on your event needs.

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